Dear fellow hunters,
Another difficult year has come to the end but with all the ups and downs, we can look at and strive to at a much brighter future in the hunting world. Although we still face closed borders and restrictions, in the time 2021 we were able to send many of our clients to some of our best destinations and to have exceptional trophies.
ProfiHunt team would like to say a big thank you to all our members for their continual support during pandemic.
In 2021 we conducted a first successful bow hunting on European Moose in Russia. Bow hunters are welcome to come to hunt in Russia in 2022!
We expect more loosening of restrictions in 2022 so our clients from around the world will finally be able to hunt as they please. Imagine hunting in an area that hasn’t seen hunting pressure in two years. We expect some great results.
Our full staff has remained on the job to gather information and keep current on all conditions as they change. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your hunting desires. We look forward to getting back what we love — hunting around the world. In the meantime, keep making plans for your dream hunts. Stay safe and healthy.

Vladimir Melnikov
ProfiHunt USA, Inc.


Tajikistan is open and offers you a great variety of different trophies to hunt: Bukharan Markhor, Marco Polo Argali, Matison Argali, Bukharan Urial, Mid-Asian Ibex, Wild boar, Wolf.
We are honored to share with you the result of our recent Bukharan Markhor hunt, awesome 44 inch trophy taken by our client from Europe.

Tajikistan is always ready to reward you with magnificent trophies and vivid impressions, book your adventure with ProfiHunt today!

Check our latest video on Bukharan Markhor in Tajikistan

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The Government of Kyrgyzstan is planning to ban the hunting for 3 years starting from 2023 in Naryn and Issyk-Ol which are the main hunting areas for Marco Polo and Hume Argali. It means that 2022 hunting season might be highly intense. If Kyrgyzstan was on your list, we invite you to plan your hunt for 2022 without delay.

Kyrgyzstan is the best place to combine Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex, classic mountain adventure with hiking, horseback riding, spike camps involved.

Available species:

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Our hunting season in Kazakhstan on Mid-Asian Ibex has been very successful for all ProfiHunt guests!
The trophy quality was also great with the biggest one of 127 cm (50 inches)!
Book your hunting trips to Kazakhstan with ProfiHunt for the next season 2022! 

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(Kuban tur, Mid-Caucasian tur, Dagestan tur)

Russia is the only place where you can combine all 3 subspecies of Tur in one trip. Demanding, challenging hunt, proof of skills for every mountain hunter.
ProfiHunt has the best hunting areas for Kuban Tur, Mid-Caucasian Tur and Dagestan Tur in Russia, 31 years of experience and outstanding guides!
We had a fantastic 2021 season and we are happy to share with you some of it's results.

Book your Tur hunting with ProfiHunt, great experience guaranteed!

Bryan Harlan - Tur combo in Russia with ProfiHunt 2021

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2021 Fall season finished in Kamchatka with 100% success rate, all trophies are harvested and packed and now we are taking bookings for the seasons 2022-2023. We guarantee: best areas, 24/7 support, professional team, great experience and beautiful trophies.

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Our Moose hunts in Winter time in Kamchatka were very successful for our hunting guests from all over the world with the biggest Moose of the season having 178 cm (70 inch) horns spread!
Our areas proved once again to be the best and our hunting guides to be the most professional in Kamchatka.
The sincerest congratulations to our hunters of the season 2021!
We have some limited openings for 2022 – 2023 seasons and look forward seeing you with ProfiHunt on Moose hunt in Kamchatka!

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The borders are finally open and we had an extremely successful season this year. Mongolia offers vast variety of trophies for a mountain hunter, easy logistics makes it easy to combine several species in one trip. We still have some licenses available for 2022, don't miss your chance for a wonderful experience!

Available species:

Watch our video on Gobi Argali hunting in Mongolia

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Great news! Iran declared opening the visa service for US citizens, it means after years of closure American hunters can enter this magnificent country and enjoy it's hospitality and awesome hunting opportunities.
ProfiHunt has the major experience in hunting in Iran and we will take care of every step of your trip to this oriental pearl. The hunting season runs from 1 of January to 6 of March 2022.
Book your hunt in Iran with ProfiHunt today!

Species available for the upcoming season:

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Turkey is a great hunting destination where the one can harvest Bezoar ibex,Hybryd ibex,Anatolian chamois, Konya sheep,gazelle and wild boars! Our hunters have been successful in taking in November-December 2021 some nice ibex,chamois and wild boars and we are proudly sharing the results with you!
The season is until the end of march and we wish our hunters a good luck on the coming hunts in Turkey! 

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Pakistan starts 2021 - 2022 hunting season - we are going to keep you posted on its results! The country is totally open, the only condition to enter is negative COVID test. We are inviting you to join us on this adventure. 

Available species:

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Dallas Safari Club
Dallas, Texas, USA
06-09 January
Booth # 2612

The Sheep Show
Reno, Nevada, USA
13-15 January
Booth # 1056

Safari club international
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
19-22 January
Booth # 5131

Grand Slam Club Ovis
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
26-29 January
Booth # 521

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