Mid-asian ibex in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the country where ProfiHunt started its hunting activity. It is the most popular mountain hunt, because it is real adventure. Siberian Roe Deer can also be harvested as additional trophy in Kazakhstan.

How to get there:

You arrive in Almaty. Our crew meets you at the airport and assists through the customs. Then we transfer you to the hunting area.

Hunting season:

Hunting season runs from August 01 to December 31

Ibex hunting:

Mid-Asian Ibex hunt is a classical spot-and-stalk hunt. Spike camps are often used intensively in order to increase success chances. Horses are of great help and can get hunters into prime game country. In some areas a great deal of riding is required. Ride before you go on this hunt. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides, feeding and resting areas through the field glasses. Normally you see numerous Ibex during the day. Physical condition is important for the stalking part of the hunt. Long range shooting up to 400 yards is normal.


Fly camps – tents


Usually weather is quite favorable and predictable in this region during the hunting period. During daylight hours the temperature is from 60 to 70F and at night 40 to 45F. In November the temperature is from 5-14F and during nighttime from – 4 to 5F. Expect chilly morning and evening, windy conditions.

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