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Dagestan tur in Russia

We are glad to offer you a very popular hunting destination for Dagestan Tur in the North Ossetia, one of the Russian republics located in Caucasus. Tur hunting is very challenging and it is one of the most demanding trophies. Dagestan Tur counts both towards the Ovis and Capra World Slams. It has more curved horns than other species of Tur – quite unusual for a goat, being smooth and rounded.

Caucasian Chamois habitats the same area and can be hunted on a trophy fee basis. Keep in mind that hunting permits for chamois are limited and book in advance. 

Please check our reference list here and contact us for more details and special offers. We will be glad to organize this perfect hunt for you.

PRICE* from Vladikavkaz

Dagestan (Eastern) Tur:
$7,000 8 days / 5 day hunt
$3,500 Caucasian Chamois trophy fee

How to get there:

You will fly to Moscow International airport, where our crew will meet you, assist you through the customs and take to the hotel. Next morning you will fly to Vladikavkaz. Flight from Moscow to Vladikavkaz lasts for about two hours.

Hunting season:

The season is from August 1 to November 30.

Dagestan tur hunting:

Hunting is very challenging. We do organize a classic spot and stalk hunt. This is a real mountain hunt. We try to avoid any driven hunts. Spike camps are used intensively in order to avoid the most difficult part of vertical hiking or to hunt particular area. Most big trophy rams use remote country. Be in a good shape. Considerable climbing will be involved.

Hunting Camps:

Simple hunting houses and tent camps. Spike camps are used intensively. You should expect quite modest conditions.


Weather is normally sunny with occasional showers and fog.
Daytime highs in August are 77-80 F, with lows of 50-57 F.
September–October daytime temperatures are 50-59 F with 15-23 F at nights.