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Mid-caucasian tur

To hunt any specie of Tur is a great challenging experience. The Mid-Caucasian Tur inhabits for sure one of the most difficult and remote terrains of the Caucasus Mountains of Russia. This hunt is recommended for hunters who are in a very good shape. The Mid-Caucasian Tur counts toward both the Ovis and Capra World Slams. ProfiHunt organized 100 and 100 successful hunts for our clients. Gary Paker was one of them who got a #1 SCI trophy in 2000. Please check our reference list here >>

PRICE* from Mineralnie Vody

Mid-Caucasian Tur:
$12,000 11 days / 7 day hunt

How to get there:

You will fly to Moscow International airport, where you will be met and assisted by you crew through the customs and taken to the hotel. Next morning you will fly to Mineralnyye Vody. Flight from Moscow to Mineralnyye Vody lasts for about two hours. From Mineralnyye Vody Airport you will be transferred to a nice comfortable camp. It takes normally between 3 and 4 hours.

Hunting season:

The season is from August 1 to November 30.

Mid-Caucasian tur hunting:

Hunting starts very early in the morning from the fly camps which are built at elevation 8,000 feet. Horses are partly available   on your way up.  Normally you will be back to the fly camp you started, so you may pack you backpack very light.  Rams are generally located in the very remote country at 9,000 feet or in the lower timbered country at 7,000 feet.  Shooting distances vary from 300 up to 500 yards.

Please download your hunting gear checkup list for your Mid-Caucasian Tur here  >>

Hunting Camps:

Comfortable base camp and tented camps. Spike camps are used intensively.  Your guides will have all the things needed for 2-3 days being spike out.


Day and night temperatures have wide amplitude due to high altitude and surrounding glaciers. Afternoon fog is a normal event. In August – mid-September daytime highs are 77-80 F, with lows of 35-40 F. In mid-September–October daytime temperatures are 50-59 F with 15-23 F at night. Snow can be expected at the tops in first decade of September.

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