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Marco Polo argali in Tajikistan

Over the last 22 years our hunters enjoy 100% success. Average trophy size runs from 55 to 56 inches with several 60-62 inch rams taken every season. An Outstanding 68’’ Marco Polo ram was taken in 2019 by our USA hunter Brian Bailey.
ProfiHunt Ltd operates in the best areas in Murgab, Karalul and Shut-Put with the best camps and the most experienced guides. Good Mid-Asian Ibex and Wolf hunting can be included.

How to get there:

The logistic is through Dushanbe. We meet you in Dushanbe and our crew assists you through the customs, then you go by a minibus to Khorog (the trip is about 12 h) where you spend a night in a hotel and then next morning go by a 4×4 van to the hunting area from 6 h to 10 h). This route from Khorog to the hunting country is rather tiresome but you gradually adapt to high altitude during your travel.

Hunting season:

From September 01 to February 28.

Argali hunting:

In the morning you get into your jeep. During the day you explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides, feeding and resting areas through the field glasses. Once the trophy is located, you complete your stalk on foot. You hunt at 14,000 feet. Physical condition is very important for the stalking part of the hunt. A long range shooting up to 500 yards is usual for Marco Polo Argali hunt.


In Tajikistan the camps are located at 12,000-13,500 feet. They are warm, clean and comfortable cabins with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping and have an electrical generation. You will find good food and quality service. Every camp is equipped with a sat phone or radio station.


Usually weather is favorable and rather predictable during the hunting period. During daylight hours in November the temperature is 30-50 F and during nighttime it is 5-14 F. Windy conditions.

Tajikistan offers excellent Marco Polo Argali hunt.

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