Chukotka moose in Kamchatka

Our Chukotka Moose hunting in Russia takes place mainly in the Koryak region and in the central part of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Moose is an immense animal, usually larger than you would expect. Antler spreads vary considerably. The average moose has a spread of 61 inches / 155 cm, although each year a few of our hunters take moose of 70-72 inches / 178-183 cm in spread. The weight of such antlers can be up to 100 pounds / 55 kg.

Currently ProfiHunt keeps 98% of success rate with winter hunts and about 75% of success rate with fall hunts for Chukotka moose. It goes without saying that huge crown of Chukotka giant will be perfectly seen on your wall above the fire place!

How to get there:

At the present moment the most reliable way to get to Petropavlovsk is to fly via Moscow. You will be met by our representative at the airport and assisted through the customs. Then we will take you to the hotel, or transfer to the domestic airport for your flight Moscow-Petropavlovsk. It is a non-stop 9 hour flight. In Petropavlovsk you will be met at the airport and then transferred to the hunting camp.

DATES from/to Petropavlovsk

September 20 to October 20 – with horses
November 20 to December 15 – with snowmobile

Moose hunting:

During the Winter period hunt is done using the snowmobile for transportation in the area. The hunter and the guide will travel great distance by snowmobile looking for a track of a large moose bull. Your guide drives a snowmobile and you stay in the sledge behind. Once the fresh tracks are cut, hunters follow a moose on foot, show shoes or skis.


The camps are wooden cabins. Camps are equipped with portable cots, stoves, generating sets. Every camp has an interpreter and a cook.


During daylight hours the temperature in September is from 50-55°F/ 10 to 15°C and during night time from 23 up to 40°F / -5 to 5°C. Expect hard frost in the morning and variable weather during the day. Snow and rain are also possible. In November, December the temperature during daylight hours is from -4 to 5°F / – 20 to 15°C and during nighttime from – 15°F to – 8°F / – 25 to – 20°C

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