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Caucasian Chamois

When alarmed, chamois hide in inaccessible places. Chamois look like a crossbreed of a mountain goat and an antelope and originate from the mountains of Asia and Europe. They are seldom found below 5,500 feet, and often live as high as 13,000 feet. Chamois hunt is a combination of a great opportunity for sightseeing and challenge hunting. The Chamois counts toward the Capra World Slam.

How to get there:

You will fly to Moscow airport. Our crew will meet you there, assist you through the customs and take to the hotel. Next morning you will fly to Mineralnyye Vody. Flight from Moscow to Mineralnyye Vody takes around two hours.

Hunting season:

The season is from August 1 to November 30.

Chamois hunting:

All hunting for Caucasian Chamois is done on foot. In some camps horses are available for transportation around the area. Spike camps are used in most areas. Males are generally located in the very remote country at 7,500 feet. Expect some horseback riding, considerable walking and hiking. Some riding experience is a must. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides, feeding and resting areas through the field glasses. A temporary tented camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area.  Once the trophy is spotted you complete your stalk on foot.


Accommodations are in tented camps at 6,500 feet. Please note that spike camps are a common thing for which tents are used. A sleeping bag and a pad are musts to have.


Day and night temperatures have wide amplitude due to the high altitude and surrounding glaciers. Afternoon fog is quite normal. In August–mid-September daytime highs are 77-80 F, with lows of 35-40 F. In mid-September–October daytime temperatures are 50-59 F with 15-23 F at night. Snow can be expected at the tops in the first decade of September. But always mind that the mountain weather is unpredictable and very moody, the day can start with the blue sky and blinding sun but by the middle of the day you will be wrapped with thick mist and feel the first rain drops on your cheeks.

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