Caucasian “Big Four” combo in one trip. Dagestan & Kuban & Mid-Caucasian Tur & Caucasian chamois with ProfiHunt 2022!

The south of Russia is a big touristic cluster with developed roads net, traveling and driving is pleasant filled with vivid emotions and scenic views. And of course Caucasus is the homeland for the most desirable mountain species: Kuban Tur, Mid-Caucasian Tur, Dagestan Tur & Caucasian Chamois, the hunting regions located quite close to each other that allows us to set up comfortable logistic for moving between the area. Nothing as easy as making the combo of these species, you can combine two or three or even all four species in one trip.
That was actually the plan of our hunter from South African Republic – Andre De Waal, “Since I got that far from home, why not making it in one ride”.
Our team received the task and started to execute it. We will not bore you with long stalking and climbing descriptions, long story short Andre got all 4 Caucasian species in 7 days of hunting, our sincerest congratulations to this strong man, deserved victory! A pleasant bonus chapter of the story iS Mid-Caucasian Tur, at the moment we are waiting for official measurements but most likely it’s going to be new number 5 in the World, we will keep you updated.

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