Tajikistan: a successful combination hunt on Marco Polo and Mid-Asian ibex

In December our client has returned from his hunting trip to Tajikistan. It was a long-awaited and carefully planned hunt. The altitude of over 13 000 feet above sea level puts high demands toward hunters. This part of the year is a perfect time to get a very good trophy. Due to rut the herds are abundant, but temperatures could go down to minus 50 Fahrenheit and less at nights. But the challenge is well rewarded!
Our sincere congratulations to our client with the great trophy of Marco Polo Argali (57.4 inches) and the wonderful trophy of the Mid- Asian Ibex (43 inches).
We are grateful a lot to our partners in Tajikistan for the professional arrangements of all our hunts there!
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We are happy to present you a new trailer on Marco Polo Argali hunting in Tajikistan We look forward seeing you ...
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