Successful Marco Polo and Mid-Asian Ibex combination in Tajikistan!

Despite all the Covid complications,we were able to conduct a very successful combination hunt on Marco Polo Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex in Tajikistan!
Our hunters from USA,Austria and France had been lucky to get a great range of trophy quality rams between 55 and 59 inch (140 cm – 150 cm)
and Ibex between 40 and 44 inch (100 – 112 cm). The hunters had seen a lot of rams and Ibex very close to the camps and completed the hunt within 3 days. We still can organize some more hunts until the end of February 2021 or in the new season starting in Fall 2021! We are preparing a new video trailer on this amazing hunt – stay tuned!
Contact us for the details on this combination hunt to get a good deal on this amazing hunt in such a hunting paradise in Tajikistan on the roof of the world!

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