Astor markhor and Himalayan ibex in Pakistan – breaking records with ProfiHunt!

Right now, the hunting world lacks good news , on the background of the virus that is walking around the world. The most common things we hear these days are flight cancellations, border closures, and postponement of hunting seasons.
But even in this chaos, we do not forget our duty, we continue to please our customers with exciting adventures and beautiful trophies.

We are happy to share with you another record of our hunter from Russia, Shirokov Evgeny. Last week he has harvested huge Astor markhor in Pakistan, with the first measuring and calculation of the points we expect this trophy to be number 2 in the World according to SCI record book. Official measurements and announcement will follow! As a dessert Evgeny shot very nice Himalayan Ibex. Total success – with no doubts!

Book your Pakistan adventure with ProfiHunt now, the hunting season 2020-2021 awaits!

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