Uganda: a well done successful combi hunt

We are happy to announce our first African safari of 2021. Our client Nikolay Kulinkin completed his safari in this country in January. Uganda is the destination for African hunt lovers and for those who is on the path of SCI slam and awards. For a 7 day hunting trip NIkolay harvested a great list of the trophies, some of them are local and can be obtained only here: East African and NIle bushbucks, oribi, Eastern Bohor reedbuck, olive baboon, East African bush duiker, Uganda kob, Jackson’s Hartebeest, warthog. The main trophy and the aim of the safari is a great trophy of East African sitatunga. Special pride is the Nile buffalo trophy of 40 inches!
Our sincere congratulations!

We offer all African hunting destinations, book your safari on the continent with us: professional approach, the target to achieve the success and unforgettable memories are always included into our proposals!

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