To our friends and valued clients,

Dear Friends,
2020 Finally is coming to an end, it was a tough year for all hunting society, hunters and outfitters.
The Global pandemic closed the boarders, postponed thousands of hunts, ruined millions of plans all over the World.
Firmly believe those frustrated events will pass away together with 2020 and we are optimistic about the future, looking straight to 2021 with hope and faith!
Despite all the issues, still we were able to arrange some interesting adventures this year and want to share with you the results and invite you to join us for the next hunting seasons 2021 – 2022!
As ProfiHunt team we wish you Joyful Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Great experience and wonderful trophies! Let you and your families stay healthy, prosperous and happy!
The team in Moscow is always available for questions and concerns, and the new Reno, Nevada office too, which can be reached at 775-737-9313.
We look forward to getting back to what we love — arranging the best hunting around the world for you.

In the meantime, keep making plans for your dream hunts, and stay safe and healthy.

Our best to you and yours,
The ProfiHunt team

ProfiHunt catalogue 2020-2021

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