Sudan: effective combination hunt on Nubian Ibex and Eritrea gazelle – 100% success

In February this year our client Nikolay Kulinkin has completed his safari in Sudan, which was closed for hunting for 7 years. It’s the only country on the map where Nubian Ibex population exists in natural wilderness conditions.  The hunt is tough, a hunter should be adopted to steep rocky slopes, be reserved and patient. Nikolay points that the local team does the best to let the client get his trophies and provides the quality service: meeting, accommodation, food, transport and other important day routine items. Since this year there is an official permit to import own rifle into the country, so Nikolay hunted with his gun.
Our sincere congratulations with the 100% success and new peculiar trophies in his collection.
We offer all African hunting destinations, book your safari on the continent with us: professional approach, the target to achieve the success and unforgettable memories are always included into our proposals!
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