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Siberian roe deer

This hunt is very popular in Russia. Kurgan region of Russia is the best area for Siberian Roe Deer hunting. ProfiHunt offers only the best areas where all record trophies were taken and you still have a chance to take a new one. The five-day hunt is recommended as quite sufficient to take 2-3 bucks.

How to get there:

The most convenient and reliable way to get to Yekaterinburg is to fly through Istanbul, Helsinki or Prague. You will be met and assisted through the customs by our crew in Yekaterinburg. From Yekaterinburg you will be transferred by car to the hunting area. The transfer takes from 3 to 5 hours depending on the exact hunting area.

Hunting season:

Hunting season is from August 25th to October 20th. Rutting time runs from August 25 to September 15 and it is the best time to come over. If you would like to combine Siberian Roe deer with European Moose you should choose the period from October 1 to October 15.

Terms from Yekaterinburg:

I. August 25 to September 01 (to be checked with us)
II. September 01 to September 08 (to be checked with us)
III. September 09 to September 15
IV. October 1 to October 20

Roe deer hunting:

All hunting is done on foot with transportation to the hunting area by jeeps. Spot-and-stalk is normally used; calling of roe deer bucks is also practiced there with a high degree success as well. Hunting area is easy. It is well developed agriculture area with a flat terrain.


The camps are comfortable hunting lodges, motels or cabins based on double occupancy with 2-4 hunters per camp. We have 6 different camps with possibility to accommodate up to 20 hunters at a time.


$2,500 hunter 7 days / 5 day hunt
$1,500 non hunter 7 days / 5 day hunt
Additional day
$350 hunter  
$250 non hunter  

Trophy fee based on weight of Roebuck horns:

$1,200 up to 650 grams
$1,500 651 grams – 800 grams
$1,700 801 grams – 900 grams
$2,150 901 grams – 1000 grams
$2,500 1,001 grams – 1,200 grams
$2,500 1,001 grams – 1,200 grams
$3,050 1,201 grams and more

Wounded and lost Roe Deer – $ 1.200

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