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Siberian brown bear

Siberian Brown Bear is intermediate in size between Eurasian and Kamchatka Brown Bears. The fur is long, soft and dense. The collar is usually dark brown with noticeably darker legs. The Siberian Brown Bear occupies the largest habitat in Russia. The typical Siberian Brown Bear runs between eight – eight and a half feet with occasional nine foot bears taken.

How to get there:

You will arrive to an international Moscow airport andw will be met by our crew, and assisted through customs. We do everything possible to expedite the customs procedure. The same evening you will fly to Irkutsk or Abakan. Upon arrival early in the morning next day you will be met by the local crew and you will be transferred to the hunting area. It will be an unforgettable adventure to the isolated pristine part of the world!

Hunting season:

Hunts take place from May 1 to May 25.

Bear hunting:

Bears are typically congregated in areas where the first green grass shoots appear. They are hunted by baiting. Considerable walking is necessary. In some areas hunting with boats is possible


The camp is a simple hunting house. Electricity supplied with the generator, the house is equipped with stove.


During daylight hours the temperature in May is 35–50 F and during nighttime 32-40 F.

PRICE* from Abakan or Irkutsk

Siberian Bear package:
$8,900 10 days / 6 day hunt

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