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Koryak snow sheep

This huge area still has an excellent ram population. Koryak Snow Sheep average size is 34-35 inches with occasional 40-inch ram taken. Sheep are found at 4,000–5,000 feet.

How to get there:

There is no need to fly all over the world through Moscow anymore. The direct flight from Anchorage

to Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky was reopened and the trips to Kamchatka for the major North American hunters became easier, this is once a week flight.

Hunting season:

From August 1 to September 20. Optimal hunting period is from August 1 to September 10. Snow Sheep hunt can be combined nicely with Kamchatka Bear from August 20.

Snow sheep hunting:

Classic stalking hunt. Each hunter will have one guide and one assistant. Backpack and lots of hard hunting on foot can be expected. Be in a good shape. A temporary tented camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area.


The camps are modern windproof tents. They are equipped with stoves and cots. There are one separate large tent for dining and one for shower. The camps are located in mountain valleys at 2,500-3,000 feet (800-1000 m). Every camp has a cook who can offer you home style meals. You will find a very good food and a quality service.


40 up to 50F – during the day time

32 up to 40F – during the night and morning hours

The northern part of Kamchatka Peninsula offers some exceptional hunting for Koryak Snow Sheep.

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