Hunting in Iran

The most important wildlife trophies of the region are well represented and offer good to excellent opportunities to the trophy hunter. Our professional guides and staff will take care of you during the entire length of your stay in Iran.

That is the list of the species the one can hunt in Iran :

  • Trans – Caspian Urial
  • Afghan Urial
  • Esfahan Sheep
  • Kerman Sheep
  • Persian Desert Ibex
  • Bezoar Ibex
  • Armenian Mouflon
  • Red Sheep
  • Laristan Mouflon
  • Shiraz Mouflon

How to get there:

You have many opportunities to get to Teheran on different airlines. You will be met and assisted through the customs at the airport by our representatives who will take you to hotel for overnight or directly to final destination.

Hunting season:

December – March


Transportation between the areas is done by 4×4 vehicles, spot-and-stalk is done on foot. Some of the areas have difficult terrain; considerable climbing is involved.


Hunting camps are: wooden cabins or guest houses.

Very important notes:

  • The opening and closing dates of the hunting season is in the hand of Iranian Environment Department and even issuing the hunting licenses and kind of species is the right of above-mentioned organization.
  • We will not take any responsibility in case the Government of Iran is going to ban the hunting activity or to change the policy related to the licenses or kind of species at any time and without prior notice. In such circumstances we will refund the deposit in Full.
  • Our professional guides will be ready to find very good ram but in case the hunter going to take the risk of hunting then it would be his/her personal decision.
  • Each client will hunt with a professional team of guides. However, the client should take final responsibility on the judgment of the size of the trophy to be shot.

We are pleased to inform you that we can offer sport hunting in Iran, in game reserves accessible to foreign hunters for a limited and controlled hunting.

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