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Mid-Eastern Brown Bear

It is one of the smallest subspecies of brown bears, although brown bears as a group are among the largest type of bears, second only to polar bears. Adult males have skulls measuring approximately 30–40 cm. Fur color is usually very light brown and straw colored. The hair on the withers is longer with a grey-brown base and is often a different shade then the rest of the body, seen in some individuals as a dark stripe running across the back. Individuals from the middle and Western Caucasus, whose ranges overlap those of Eurasian brown bears, are darker in color, and larger in size, leading some naturalists to propose that they are in fact hybrid populations of Eurasian and Syrian brown bears.

How to Get There:

You will fly to Moscow airport. Our crew will meet you there, assist you through the customs and take to the hotel. Next morning you will fly to Mineralnyye Vody. Flight from Moscow to Mineralnyye Vody takes around two hours.

Hunting season:

The season is from May 01 to May 25

Bear hunting:

Bears are typically congregated in areas where the first green grass shoots appear. They are hunted by spot and stalk, and also by baiting. Considerable walking is necessary.


Accommodations are in tented camps. We use big comfortable tents with cots. Electric generator is used to provide lighting and charging. Shower is available. Please note that spike camps are used intensively.

Sergey Mazurkevich is continuing his Club of Mountain Hunters (Russia), OVIS and ...
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