Amur brown bear

In Russia they are found along the Amur River region and in Sakhalin Island. The Amur brown bear runs between eight and eight and a half feet. It is a perfect hunting adventure with very high success rate.

How to get there:

Your way to Khabarovsk goes through Moscow where you will be met by our crew and assisted through the customs. We do everything possible to expedite the customs procedure. You will be taken to hotel for overnight.  Next day you will fly to Khabarovsk, and then travel to camp by car.

Hunting season:

Hunts take place from August 20 to September 30.

Bear hunting:

Fall hunts are done on bait.


The camp is comfortable hunting house with stove and beds. You will find a good quality service.    Electricity is supplied by generating sets.


During daylight hours the temperature in August –  September 45 – 65 F and during nighttime 32-40 F

Sergey Mazurkevich is continuing his Club of Mountain Hunters (Russia), OVIS and ...
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