Hume Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan with ProfiHunt 2019

Kyrgyzstan proved again to be number one destination for big game hunters seeking for Mid-Asian Ibex and the fabulous Hume Argali.
The hunting season 2019 brought us dozens of amazing trophies. Hunters from Europe, South Africa, North and South America enjoyed their trip to Kyrgyzstan with ProfiHunt.
High quality service, top skilled guides and classic mountain adventure, that’s what awaits you on every hunting adventure with ProfiHunt!
One of the US hunters Lee Friend hit the jackpot and shot wonderful 58 inch Hume argali, great rare size trophy!
Our congratulations and gratitudes to every hunter that entrusted his trip to ProfiHunt!

Join us in Kyrgyzstan for the hunting season 2020, success guaranteed! Enjoy our new videos!

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