Marco Polo Argali hunt in Tajikistan with ProfiHunt 2023

First mountain hunt of the year, perfect beginning of 2023!
We are happy to share with you the results of our hunters from Wisconsin, USA, straight after the New Year celebration they headed to the airport to board the plane that brought our guests to Tajikistan. Amazing country of wilderness, scenic views and most desirable mountain trophies. In a few days our group was able to harvest 3 beautiful Marco Polo Argali, 56” & 57” & 60 “! Our sincerest congratulations to Jeff Belongia, Harry Mattox and Dan Gorecki, that was a great hunt and time to spend together.

Book your hunt in Tajikistan with ProfiHunt for the season 2023-2024, stay with us On Top of the World!

(Right now we are working on the video about this hunt – follow our news line)

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