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Hunting in Austria

Austria is a great hunting destination

Maral (Wapiti) hunting in Russia

Maral (Wapiti) hunting in Russia is a real adventure.

Mid-asian ibex in Kazakhstan

Hunting season:
July 15 - December 31

Mid-asian ibex in Kyrgyzstan

Hunting season:
August 15 - November 30

Pamir Ibex in Tajikistan

Pamir Ibex is a newly recognized Ibex specie to be hunted in Tajikistan only

Bukharan ibex hunting in Tajikistan

The Bukharan ibex may be found starting from the Panj River and going north and northwest to the base of the Ismoul Somini mountains.

Dagestan tur in Russia

Hunting season:
August 1 - November 30

Kuban (Western) Tur Hunting

Hunting season:
August 1 - November 30

Mid-caucasian tur

Hunting season:
August 1 - November 30
Dear fellow hunters! The first half of 2024 has almost passed and we ...
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