About ProfiHunt

ProfiHunt Ltd is one of the top professional Russian outfitters. We organize hunting trips all over the world since 1989. ProfiHunt has both the Hunting and the Fishing Departments ready to serve your individual needs.

Whether you would like to enjoy your hunting holidays within traditional Russian spring Capercaillie hunt or to go for the Big Game adventure – we are ready to welcome you.

The vast variety of our Russian hunting destinations include Kamchatka, Caucasian Mountains and Siberia; our Asia hunting in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan; Pakistan, Turkey and Mongolia.

We operate in the best hunting areas and work with best local partners and professional guides. Our Team consists of professional wildlife biologists and booking managers who do their best to provide you with unforgettable hunting experience for your Russian and Asian trophy hunting trips. We will meet you upon arrival at the airport, help with all the custom formalities and make sure your trophy hunt goes smoothly and brings great results. Our services include visa invitations, gun permits and necessary international veterinary certificates.

Our hunting camps vary from the comfortable base lodges and traditional Asian houses to the spike camps used to hunt particular animal or area. Depending on the specifics of the hunting destination, helicopter, jeep or horseback transportation to the camp is organized.

Welcome to the beautiful savage scenery destinations of Asia and Russia. Enjoy your real fair chase experience with ProfiHunt!

Artem Veselov
General director

Artem is General Director of ProfiHunt. He has been working for ProfiHunt since 2004. He deals with agencies and clients from all over the world. Artem speaks fluent German and French and very good English. He was born on 2 December 1978 in Tolyatti,
Russia. In 2001 he graduated from the Department of the Foreign Languages of the Vladimir State University. In 2010 he fi nished his education at the Moscow Financial Academy, Department of Finances and Credit.

E-mail: Jagd@profihunt.com
Skype: Profihunt-Jagd

Denis Shadow
Hunting department specialist

Hunting department specialist. Works mainly with Foreign and Russian clients for Russian and Asian hunts, but is knowledgeable a lot about African and European destinations. Denis joined Profi Hunt in June 2008 and have already proved to be responsible and eager to work out every single detail of each journey he arranges. His clients are sure to occur in good and friendly hands!

E-mail: Hunt@profihunt.com
Skype: Profihunt-Asia

Alexey Pavlov
Hunting department specialist

A member of Hunting Department staff, deals with Russian and english speaking hunters. In the year of 1995 Alexey completed his studies at Moscow Teachers Training University in the field of Geography and the English Language. Since 1993 Alexey is a member of Russian Geographic Society. He is friendly and outgoing person, deserved brilliant reputation in hunting society. Joined ProfiHunt in 2011.

E-mail: Africa@profihunt.com
Skype: Profihunt-Africa

Maxim Lyamenkov
Professional Hunter

Maxim is our English-speaking guide dealing with Russian and English-speaking hunters. Besides that, Maxim has a high education in the field of computer engineering and film producing and is a professional filmmaker. The streamline of filming is action sport and outdoor activities. Maxim has a travel professional experience throughout the world including Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America. He is a friendly and an outgoing person. 
He joined ProfiHunt in 2019.

Rifat Dianov
Meet & greet manager

Rifat is a city manager and joined ProfiHunt in 1995. He responsible for meeting our guests in Moscow airports, transfers and many more. He is very well known by major part of our hunting guests. People like Rifat for his accuracy and good help upon arrival and departure.

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