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(EN) Amur (Ussuri) Moose

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The Amur Moose is one of the rarest Moose species and a very desirable trophy. The Amur Moose inhabits the Amur – Ussuri region of far eastern Siberia (Khabarovsk region).

How to get there:

At the present moment the most reliable way is to fly via Moscow. You will be met by our representative at the airport and assisted through the customs. Then we will assist you for the flight to Khabarovsk.
It is a non-stop 8-hour flight. In Khabarovsk you will be met at the airport and assisted for a local flight to Nikolaevsk and then transferred to the hunting camp.


September 15 to October 10
November 25 to December 25


In September – October the temperature during daylight hours is from + 5 C to + 10 С and during nighttime up to – 10 C
In November-December the temperature during daylight hours is from – 10 C to – 20 C and during nighttime up to – 25 C


Wooden cabins. Camps are equipped with portable cots, stoves, generating sets. Every camp has an interpreter and a cook.


During the Fall period the hunt is done by a life boat during the rutting time.
During the Winter period hunt is done using the snowmobile for transportation in the area.

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