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Altai Ibex in Russia

Altai (Siberian) Ibex hunting in Russia is the classic backpack adventure with spike camps and horses involved in some of the areas. Picturesque, scenic views will accompany you during the entire trip in this magnificent country. Our professional guides will lead you through all the stages of this hunt in a most comfortable way.

Our main hunting grounds for Altai Ibex are located in Gorno-Altaisk and Abakan. 

How to get there:

You fly to Moscow Domodedovo airport where you will be met by our representative and assisted with all the customs formalities. The same evening you take the internal flight to Gorno – Altaisk or Abakan). Upon arrival there our local partner will organize a  transfer to the hunting area. 

Hunting season:

From 01 August   to 30 November.


Hunting is done on horseback in Altai and on foot in Abakan. Ibex are found in good numbers at 7,000-8,500 feet. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides, feeding and resting areas through the field glasses. You will spot males, evaluate their size, and then complete the stalk.


The base camps are tents in Altai and cabins in Abakan. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping. Every camp has a cook and interpreter. You will find  a very good food and a quality service. Electricity is supplied by generating sets. The hunting itself is done out of the fly camps (tents).

Russian Altai is a paradise for Siberian Ibex and Maral (Wapiti) hunters and the one can successfully combine both animals in one trip.

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