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(EN) Severtsov Argali Hunting in Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan, located in the very heart of Asia, lies mostly on a plain, but gradually from west to east, the landscapes of this sunny country develop into mountain ranges of the Tian Shan and Pamir. The average height of Uzbek mountains ranges from 6500 to 10.000 ft.

Since 2015 the hunting in Uzbekistan was reopened and every year the demand for its species grows headily.
ProfiHunt had the privilege to be one of the first outfitters organizing hunts there and with no doubts keeps leading positions at this market.

Currently the following species are available in Uzbekistan:

– Severtsov Argali
– Bukharan Markhor
– Mid-Asian Ibex
– Bukharan Urial
– Trans-Caspian Urial
– Bukharan Red Stag
– Himalayan Brown Bear
– Wild boar
– Gazelle

In 2021 ProfiHunt also expects to get the permits for all of these species, therefore do not hesitate to
contact us for hunting in Uzbekistan.

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