Hunting in Mongolia for Gobi Argali, Gobi Ibex and white-tailed gazelle

Mongolia is a well proved hunting destination, the country of life dream trophies for hunters: 3 Argali, 3 Ibex, white-tailed gazelle and maral. All three months of the short season from July up to October are fine and a great time for both hunting and traveling there.
In August this year our hunter had made his trip as the first Mongolian experience and to get species of Gobi Argali and Gobi Ibex and gazelle.
The partners did their homework and the prescauting brought the fruitful results: all planned species had been harvested in three days. A great result with bright and positive emotions in the background.
All hunters and travelers put a special mark about the professional approach of local teams, high end service and abundance of trophy animals in the concessions.
ProfiHunt offers all destinations of the vast Asian subcontinent: from Turkey to Iran, through Pakistan and Nepal to Mongolia with Mid-Asian destinations not to miss to mention!
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