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Sayan Ibex

The Sayan Mountains are one of the northernmost spurs of the Central Asian mountainous country, at the same time, separated from its main part by several large lowlands, insurmountable for mountain ungulates, which creates the necessary prerequisites for the geographical isolation and species formation of sedentary species of mountain mammals. According to the morphometric parameters of the body, the Sayan ibex is the largest among the neighboring subspecies

The horns of the Sayan Ibex are smaller than the ones of the Altai Ibex. The general color tone of males in the Sayan Mountains, dark stripes in animals are poorly expressed, and in winter plumage they have a monochromatic grayish-brown color.

Our main hunting areas for Sayan Ibex are located in southern Khakassia republic.

How to get there:

You fly to Moscow where you will be met by our representative and assisted with all the customs formalities. The same evening you take the internal flight to Abakan city. Upon arrival there our local partner will organize the transfer to the hunting area by car and then by boat.

Hunting season:

01 August to 10 November.


Sayan Ibex hunting is a very challenging adventure with spike camps involved. Picturesque, scenic views will accompany you during the entire trip in this magnificent country. Our professional guides will lead you through all the stages of this hunt in the most comfortable way. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides, feeding and resting areas through the field glasses. You will spot males, evaluate their size, and then undertake the stalk.


The camps are either tents or cabins. They dwellings are warm and clean. Every camp provides a cook and interpreter. You will find a very good food and a quality service. Electricity is supplied by generating sets. The hunting itself is done out of the fly camps (tents).

We are happy to introduce you the hunting on Sayan Ibex in Russia which has been recently recognized by GSCO as a separate Capra specie.

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