Lynx hunting

Irkutsk – is the best region in Russia for a successful Lynx hunting. There we can also organize a
special hunt, so called “on the route” which gives you a great opportunity to hunt different species during the same trip, such as: Lynx, Musk Deer, Wolverine, Wolf.

For this kind of hunt, we use a pack of trained dogs, that helps us increase the success rate up to 100%. For most of the areas we use horses.

How to get there:

You will arrive in Moscow. Our crew will meet you there and assist through the customs. After that you will fly to Irkutsk. From we will drive you to the hunting area, 4-6 h on a comfortable van.

Hunting season:

November – February for Lynx, Wolverine and Wolf
November – December for Musk Deer


Wooden hunting house that has all necessary facilities and Russian sauna. You will find a good Russian style food.


Hunting becomes possible after the snow covers the ground and allows tracking the animals easily. However, the snow level should not be too high as it makes it harder for dogs, while the Lynx stays on top of snow cover due to particular paw anatomy.
The average temperature is from – 10 C to – 25 C.

We are happy to congratulate our devoted hunter Nikolay Matveev with his ...
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Our sincerest congratulations to Eduard Benderskiy with the successful hunt in Khabarovsk region ...
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