Nubian Ibex hunting in Sudan

Sudan is located in Northeast Africa. The north-east of the country is washed by the Red Sea. Sudan covers the area of 728215 square miles, that makes it the third-largest country in Africa.


Nubian Ibex, Barbary Sheep and Eritrea Gazelle

Hunting season:

15.11 – 15.04

How to get there:

Travel destination is Khartoum where, depending on flight schedule, you may spend the first night in a hotel. Khartoum has top 4-5* hotels to choose and we help of course with the booking. Next day is the domestic flight from Khartoum to Port Sudan. As well we can help with the flight booking. From Port Sudan you go to the hunting area near the Red sea. The mountains along the Red sea is the area to hunt for Nubian Ibex and Eritrea gazelle. The area for Barbary sheep is 200 kilometers to the west.

Important notices:

The hunt is really tough. A hunter must be in a good shape. The slopes are steep and the surface is the kind of rolling stones. If you see the Ibex coming and the distance is good and comfortable with you, make a shot in front of the animals and they will stop for a moment. This is the time where you can aim your target and shoot it. In general, the local guides try their best to provide the hunter with the success but the game is hard to spot and not in big numbers.
Gazelle and Sheep hunts are the best at night with a spot light. Ibex hunting is both spot and stalk and a kind of driven hunt. A driven hunt starts early in the morning.
Camps are kind of fly camps. Simple tents. Network is sometimes available in the Ibex and Gazelle area but not in the Sheep area. We recommend to bring a satellite phone.
Important bits of information:

  • The permits are bought in advance and are non-refundable. In case the hunter is not lucky and don’t get his animal, there is no refund
  • Since January 2021 is it permitted to bring own rifles to Sudan (if applicable)
  • As well there are few rifles to choose the hunter can rent: Weatherby rifle in Cal 308, Sauer in Cal 7×64, Ruger in Cal 7mm Rem Mag, Steyer in Cal 243 and CZ in Cal 300 Win Mag; test shooting is a must
  • 1 hunter per camp
  • Credit cards are not accepted in Sudan
  • Your itinerary means the Domestic flight from Khartoum to Port Sudan
  • You should be aware that the schedule of the domestic flights is not fixed. They can change the departure time. The hosting company will keep you informed since you arrive to arrange the airport transfers
  • When you arrive to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, depending on the Domestic flight schedule, you can stay in a hotel
  • Depending on the time of the flight arrival to Port Sudan you again can be accommodated at the hotel before departing for your hunt
  • If the flight from Khartoum arrives later than 11.30 AM you for sure will stay at the hotel in Port Sudan
  • From the hotel in Port Sudan there is a road transfer to the hunting area
  • It is possible to change the fly camp few times within one hunt
  • Roads to the hunting area are not paved; the drive is over sand and rock terrain with the average speed of about 10 – 15 kilometer per hour
  • There is no phone signal inside the territory. To be on line we recommend to bring your own satellite phone
  • A sleeping bag is required
  • To bring your own camping dishes, cutlery and cups is not necessary
  • Cooking is with gas
  • Water to wash your hands and face is always at the disposal. Since it’s a fly camp, it is not possible to have a fix shower. But to have a cover place with a full water bucket with a cup where you can make a simple showering is possible and provided
  • Say if you have booked a single trophy hunt and during the stay you wish to add the new trophy of the same animal or the new one the following should be considered: a) usually it takes up to 3 days to get the new permit; b) Friday is a day off as well as Saturday is, so try to avoid to ask for the new permit by the local weekend; c) consult with your guide and value the chances to get the add-on trophy taking in mind the number of the hunting days left; d) ask for the possibility to enlarge the trophy list before the hunt.


Land cruiser in a good condition is for a client and Hilux is for the staff


During the day it could be hot and up to +300 C (850 F) and more; at night the temperature goes down up to +150 C (580 F) and less. It could be windy and even some rain can occur. In January and February, it is little colder but it makes the stay more comfortable.

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