(EN) European Brown Bear hunting in Russia

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European Bear is smaller than Kamchatka Brown Bear but it also attracts the hunters. It has a larger skull and darker, more curving claws. During 22 years our clients hunt with 90 % success. The best hunting area for the European Bear is located in Kirov — 800 km from Moscow. The average weight is 150 – 170 kg with some examples of 300 kg.

How to Get There

After arrival in Moscow you will be met by our crew and assisted through the customs. We do everything possible to expedite the customs procedure. You travel to Kirov the same evening. Travelling to Kirov by train is an experience. Thousands of people come to Russia to take Trans-Siberian railway, the longest railway in the world.

Hunting season

August – September

Group size

1 — 2 hunters


Hunting is physically very easy. It is usually 90% success! Usually Bears occur on oat fields from mid-August to October and their activity depends on crop of wild berries and nuts. Evenings and mornings are best. In the evenings you observe particular field from a high platform; spot and stalk hunting are done normally in the mornings.


Hunting houses with all necessary facilities


During daylight hours the temperature is +15 C — +20 С and during nighttime is 0 C — +10 C

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