(EN) Manchurian Wapiti, Manchurian Sika Deer and Chinese Roe Deer hunting in Russian Far East

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It offers you a lot of hunting opportunities and options and allows to a hunter to get several species in one trip like Amur Brown Bear, Asian Black Bear, Manchurian Wapiti, Dybowski Sika Deer, Chinese Roe Deer and Wild Boars.

How to get there:

At the present moment the most reliable way to get to Vladivostok is to fly through Moscow. You will be met by our representative at the airport and assisted through the customs. Then you take the internal flight to Vladivostok. From there we organize the transfer to the hunting camp the same day.

Hunting season:

Manchurian Wapiti, Dybowski Sika Deer, Chinese Roe Deer – September – October
Amur Bear and Asian Black Bear – April – May – September – October


The camps are wooden houses. Accommodation is modest but clean and warm.


August: During daylight hours the temperature is from 40 F up to 50 F and during night from 32 F up to 40 F.

The Russian Far East is one of the best hunting regions in Russia.

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