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(EN) Gobi argali in Mongolia

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This country became one of the most popular destinations for mountain hunters who can expect a well-arranged hunt. Gobi Argali is a magnificent Sheep that inhabits Mongolian Mountains. The specie was always of a great interest for the hunters, and the trip itself was always among the most popular. The average size of Gobi Argali horns is 41 – 46 inches with the base of 14 – 16 inches. Gobi Argali horns are not so heavy and are a bit shorter than those of Altai Argali.

How to get there:

You fly to Ulaanbaatar (UB). Our representative meets you upon arrival and assists through the customs. Then we take you to the hotel. Next morning, we organize the transfer to the camp.

Hunting season:

From July 1 to September 30.

Argali hunting:

Gobi Argali hunt is spot and stalk, while observing Argali feeding and resting. The most preferable hunting time is in the morning or in the evening, but be prepared to spend the whole day in the hunting area. Jeeps are used for the transportation in the area. You can add Gobi Ibex and White-Tailed Gazelle as well.


The camps are traditional Asian yurts. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping. Every camp has a cook and interpreter. You will find a good food and quality service. Electricity is supplied by generating sets.


In July and August the weather is generally moderate, with temperatures ranging between 50-80 F. Mongolia is known as a country with 255 cloudless days each year. That is why it is often called the Land of Blue Sky. Snow can be expected at the tops in the last decade of September.

Mongolian mountain desert steppe is an ideal habitat for Sheep and Ibex.


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