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Mid-Asian Ibex in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a good destination for hunters seeking for Mid-Asian Ibex trophies. The average trophy in Tajikistan is 105 cm – 110 cm (41-43 inches) with some trophies taken of 120 cm (47 inches).

Over the last 19 years our hunters enjoy 95% success and 100% shooting opportunity.

How to get there:

The most convenient and reliable way to Dushanbe is via Istanbul by Turkish Airlines. We meet you in Dushanbe and take care of all the formalities. A 4×4 van gets the hunters from Dushanbe to the hunting area.

Hunting area


Way of hunting

On foot

Hunting season

September – February

Group size

2-3 hunters per camp


Wooden houses – they are warm, clean and comfortable enough with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping and have electrical generation. Spike camps are used intensively. 

Typical itinerary

Day 1           arrival in Dushanbe, travel to the hunting area
Day 2–8     7-day hunt
Day 9          return to Dushanbe, overnight
Day 10        fly home

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