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(EN) Bezoar ibex in Turkey

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With its outstanding holiday and sightseeing opportunities and breathtaking mountain panorama, Turkey is one of the most popular destinations.

The Bezoar is a handsome, relatively slender animal with blackish-brown markings that contrast with the lighter overall color. Male Ibex can weight 80-200 pounds with average 40 – 41-inch horns length. The horns are large, scimitar-shaped, laterally compressed. The front edge is a sharp keel with a number of bold, sharp-edged, widely separated knobs. Some outstanding trophies of 50-55 inches are taken every year with special planning.

How to get there:

You have many opportunities to get to Istanbul or Antalya on different airlines. You will be met and assisted through the customs at the airport by our representatives who will take you to hotel for overnight or directly to final destination.

Hunting season:

From September 01 to March 31


This is a classical spot-and-stalk hunt. Some of the areas have a difficult terrain; considerable climbing will be necessary every day. Physical condition is an important factor for the stalking part of the hunt. Primitive cabins are used with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area. Males are generally located in rugged country at 4,800-6,500 feet.


Hunting camps range from luxury hotels to village houses. You will find a good food and a quality service. Skilled camp stuff makes you feel comfortable.


Nice and warm from the beginning of the season till mid – November. Rain starts from mid-October and it can be snowing in November – December. February is very much like mid-November, December, with around 20 F – 31 F at night and 45 F – 50 F during the daytime.

Bezoar Ibex is one of the most beautiful mountain goats. It can be successfully hunted in Turkey.

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