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(EN) Kamchatka Brown Bear

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Welcome to far remote peninsula of Russia, the land of volcanoes, mountains and fish rivers, incredibly beautiful picturesque landscapes inhabited with the animals which are desirable trophies of any hunter all over the world!
Enjoy your real fair chase experience with ProfiHunt!

Kamchatka peninsula is well known for big Bears. We do not want to promise you something special or a fantastic giant. We base on clear figures and over 30 years hunting experience. Each year at least ten our clients take 9-foot Bears and two – three clients take 10-foot trophies. Success rate: close to 100%. We can guarantee that you will be located in the best Brown Bear hunting areas in Kamchatka (Russia) with professional guides and have a great hunt.

How to get there:

At the present moment the most reliable way to get to Petropavlovsk in Spring is to fly via Moscow. You will be met by our representative at the airport and assisted through the customs. Then we will take you to the hotel, or assist for your flight Moscow Petropavlovsk. It is a non-stop 9-hour flight. In Petropavlovsk you will be met at the airport and then transferred to the hunting camp.
In August there are weekly flights from Anchorage.

Hunting season:

April 11 – June 10
August 01 – December 20

Bear hunting:

The hunter and the guide will travel great distances by snowmobile looking for a track of a large Bear. Your guide drives a snowmobile and you stay in the sledge behind. It is very important to wear a very warm hunting outfit. Once the tracks are cut, the hunter will follow the Bear. Once the Bear is spotted, you will stalk it on foot, snow shoes or skis. After May 10 the snow starts to melt and we use camps at the Okhotsk seacoast where hunting is more on foot and with use of a boat for spotting. Shooting distance on average is 150-200 yards. Fall hunts are done by spot and stalk while observing salmon spawning grounds, berry patches and feeding areas on boat or foot. We use only the best available equipment for your hunt.


As we have many hunting areas and camps, the accommodation varies from modest camp in the mountains to the “luxury” wooden houses. It doesn’t matter where your camp is, all of them are clean, warm and comfortable. Every house is equipped with stoves and every camp has a Russian sauna where you can take a bath after the hunt. We have a professional cook in every camp so you could enjoy Russian cuisine and taxidermist to take the first care of your trophy.
We choose the best camps for you, basing on your preferences and goals, we will send you the pictures of the actual accommodation when discussing with you the details of the forthcoming adventure.


Spring: During daylight hours the temperature is 32-40 F and during nighttime it is 22-32 F
Fall: During daylight hours the temperature is 45-50 F and during nighttime it is 32-42 F

Kamchatka Brown Bear hunting is one of the most exciting adventures available for the hunters.

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