(EN) Altai argali in Mongolia

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Mongolia is the only country where hunting for the Altai Argali is legal. Mongolian mountain desert steppe is an ideal habitat for Sheep and Ibex. This country became one of the most popular destinations for mountain hunters who expect a well-organized hunt.

The average trophy size is 50-52 inches, with a number of trophies taken in excess of 55-58 inches.

How to get there:

You fly to Ulaanbaatar (UB). Our representative meets you, assists through the customs and then takes to hotel. Next morning you fly to western Mongolia and from there we transfer you to the camp.

Hunting season:

From July 01 to September 30.

Argali hunting:

The hunting is done on foot using jeeps for transportation in the hunting area. Good number of rams is found at 7,000-8,500 feet. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides, feeding and resting areas through the field glasses. You will spot rams, evaluate their size, and then complete the stalk.


The camps are traditional Asian yurts. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping. Every camp has a cook and interpreter. You will find very good food and quality service. Electricity is supplied by generating sets.


In July and August the weather is generally moderate, with temperatures ranging between 50-80 F. Nights are always cool due to the high elevation. Snow can be expected at the tops in the last decade of September.

This magnificent Sheep inhabits Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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