(EN) Barbary sheep hunt in a natural free range area

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It is the northwesternmost country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Morocco is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Sea defines its western and northern edges. By land it borders Algeria and Mauritania. 
The territory covers 446500 square kilometers (172395 square miles). The capital is Rabat.

In 2020 the hunt was officially opened in the country. Since 2021 hunters from over the world have got the opportunity to book safari there.

Hunting season:

01.09 – 31.03


Barbary sheep

Morocco and Sudan are the only destinations where a hunter can get Barbary sheep in natural inhabitance.
The animal population density in Morocco is high in the area, the success rate is high as well.
It’s required 5 days hunting days.

How to get there:

Travel destination is Marrakesh where, depending on flight schedule, you may spend the first night in a hotel. Marrakesh has top 4-5* hotels to choose and we help of course with the booking. Next day is the road transfer from Marrakesh to the hunting area. Usually it takes 2-4 hours to get there by car, depending on the pre-scouting and ram group locations.  

Hunting area

lies on the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains. The average altitude during the hunting days is between 1500 – 3000 meters (4950 – 9850 feet) above sea level.


The area is open and free range. The hunt is quite tough. A hunter must be in a good shape. The slopes are steep. Hunting is both spot and stalk.


Camps are kind of fly camps with simple tents. Depending on the area it could be a simple guest house accommodation as well.

Important information:

  • Before the hunt a hunter pays service, including daily rates and the trophy fee (permit and license)
  • Trophy fee is refundable in case it’s not harvested due to the no shooting opportunities
  • It is permitted to bring your own rifle to Morocco
  • It’s recommended and even a must since local weapon is short guns and of not a good quality
  • Water to wash your hands and face is always at the disposal. Since it’s a fly camp, it is not possible to have a fixed shower
  • There are no roads inside the hunting area but paths. Donkeys and mules are used to carry the gear and personal equipment, so you should bring a duffel bag for your belongings and a soft canvas case for your rifle
  • There is no phone signal inside the territory. To be on line we recommend to bring your own satellite phone
  • There is no generator in a fly camp, so you should take powerful power bank to charge what you need during the hunting days
  • A sleeping bag and thermo pad are required (-50/+50 C (230/410 F)


  • Beginning of the season it’s hot and very hot in the mountains
  • At the end of the season temperatures in High Atlas go down and it could be fresh and cold at night. Even slight snow fall can occur and the snow cover can be steady on the slopes for a few days in a row

Gear and equipment general note:

You should pay attention to a normal and typical mountain stuff and don’t consider Morocco hunt like an African safari

Medical recommendations:

bring your personal medical kit.  No need to take yellow fever vaccine and take anti malaria pills


please check the visa requirements in your country

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