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Bezoar Ibex hunting in Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains and borders to the West by Turkey, to the South by Iran and to the East by Azerbaijan.

The last couple of years there were very successful undertakings in the efforts of the Nature conservation and fightings with poachers and as a result the density of Armenian Sheep and Bezoar Ibex is increasing and the trophy quality is getting better and better.

There are four natural game reserves in the country where the trophy hunting is available.

The accommodation is in small hotels in the villages.

ProfiHunt had the privilege to be one of the first outfitters organizing hunts in Armenia back to early
2000-s and with no doubts is keeping the leading positions in the market.

Currently in Armenia the following hunting species are on list which can be very interesting for collectors:

– Armenian Sheep (Mouflon)
– Bezoar Ibex
– Eurasian Wild Boar
– European Roe Deer
– Golden Jackal
– Mideastern Red Deer
– Mideastern Brown Bear

In 2021 ProfiHunt expects to get the permits for all of these species, therefore do not hesitate to contact us for hunting in Armenia.

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